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Please do note that The Dujour is selling fashion accessories/jewelry.

Fashion jewelry is crafted with more common components like plated metals, semi-precious stones, beads, and glass, making it more affordable and guilt-free. 

These materials are used as alternatives to create a similar look and style to fine jewelry without the high cost of real gold and diamonds. Your fashion jewelry likely won't last forever, but you can minimize signs of wear and extend their longevity by properly caring for them and choosing well crafted pieces.



• Highly durable metal, allowing it to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities,
• Hypoallergenic. It does not cause a reaction on the skin except very rare cases.

• Non-tarnish. Requires almost no maintenance so it is a perfect material to wear every day. 

• Ecological. It does not release nickel in its environment.
• Cheaper than gold and silver yet it is much stronger, requires less maintenance and is friendly to sensitive skin. 


  • Made from base metal that has been dipped in electroplating bath.

  • Looks like gold/silver but sure to eventually tarnish, rust or rub off.

  • Cheapest jewelry material

  • Not recommended for those who have sensitive skin

  • Sometimes oxidizes with skin and will cause the jewelry to tarnish and your skin to turn green

  • Cute while it lasts, but dont expect a commitment.


  • An inert/non-reactive metal, it does not react with water or oxygen and therefore will not tarnish, rust or corrode.

  • Our titanium jewelry pieces are guaranteed to be nickel and cobalt-free, and are perfectly safe to wear.

  • Hypoallergenic and will not irritate or discolor your skin during wear.

  • Amazingly lightweight and an excellent metal for gemstone settings such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and even pearls.

  • Durable but it is not scratch resistant. 


- Avoid harsh chemicals. Bleach and chlorine can damage the surface of stainless steel metal, therefore, we recommend you remove any jewelry before swimming in chlorinated pools.

- Avoid storing your jewelry with other sharp objects or jewelry as this could scratch it instead of store your stainless steel jewelry separately in a fabric-lined box or the cloth pouch that was included with your item.

- Do not expose your jewelry to acidic substances, such as kitchen soaps containing citric acid because it will damage the material.

- Keep away from: water, dishwashing soap, lotion, perfume, silver cleaner and other harsh chemicals.

- Never wear jewelry when doing physical work such as housekeeping, gardening or exercise.

- Never expose jewelry to chlorine swimming pools or hot tubs.

- Exposure to the simplest things like the moisture in the air can wear down your jewels, it's important to store them properly. 

- Keep it dry always!

- Avoid wearing it when you are in the shower or in the swimming pool. The chlorine found in the water can damage the other metals in your titanium jewelry.

-  Remove your titanium jewelry and other jewelry when engaging in activities that can expose your items to the risk of bumps, hits and damage.

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