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Return + Exchange Policy and Purchase Rules

I. The Dujour shop strictly DOES NOT ALLOW returning/exchanging of items.

II. Before placing your order,confirm that the item is the one that you wish to purchase.

III. Before shipping or dropping off your orders, we always make sure that your items are in great condition/quality. We will also send you a photo of your orders so that you can confirm/validate it.

IV. In case of any damages to your orders, we require you to message us ON THE DAY that you received the parcel. If you message us 2 days after you receive your item, your claims will be invalid and we will not refund/exchange your item. 

V. Our courier J&T Express will be the ones to settle and will be held liable if there will ever be damages to your parcel.

VI. If we ever sent you an incomplete package, we require you to message us ON THE DAY that you received the parcel, so that we can confirm and settle your refund. If you fail to notify within 24 hrs of receiving your package, your claims will be invalid and we will not issue a refund.

VII. If you choose the cash on delivery as payment method, please be a responsible buyer and make sure to claim or have someone receive your package so it will not be returned to us.

VIII. If you fail to claim your order, and the courier returned it to us:

         - if your mode of payment is via COD, we require you to have your item to be shipped                 again but this time you have to pay us first.

         - you will have to pay the shipping fee of PHP 110 since we already paid the shipping                  fee when we sent your item the first time.

         - if your mode of payment is via COD and you do not wish to have your package sent                   again, you will be banned from our page and you can no longer have any transactions             with our shop.

         - if you do not pay the shipping fee, when your COD order gets returned we will post                   your personal information on our profile. 

         - if your order is already paid, we will ship it again but you have to pay the shipping fee               since shipping your items have payment and we will not shoulder it.

IX. Customers who choose to pick-up their orders at our physical store will be given 7 days to get their order. A representative can also claim your items.  in case you're not available.

X. Customers who fail to pick-up their orders upon the given deadline will be considered as bogus buyers! They will be banned from our page and we will no longer allow them to have any transactions at our store.

XI. The Dujour strictly does not allow resellers, our items are just for personal use and are not up for reselling purposes. People who will steal our photos and use it as marketing tools can be legally sued since these products are under our intellectual property rights. 

XII. If we feel like you're hoarding our products to resell them, we will cancel and not arrange your orders.


Respect and responsibility is a must when you order from any online shops. So please be a responsible buyer and follow all of our rules and policies. Thank you for shopping!

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