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Important Reminder:

Complete the fields at the checkout page when you fill them out.

At the Address please input your House Number, Block or Lot, Street, Barangay, Municipality, Province and any landmark to your area.

Your order will be cancelled if these information are incomplete.

  • Please be informed that all orders from outside Davao Region will have an added service charge of 3% to their order total. The "TAX" field is actually the service charge from our courier J&T Express for availing their VIP Services. But for some reason we cannot change the text field to "service charge" it only puts the "tax" word.

  • Orders within Davao Region will get a 0.01% additional service charge to their order total.

  • If you choose CASH ON DELIVERY as payment method, please make sure that you will be able to claim the item because once it gets returned to us, you will have to pay us the shipping fee of PHP 90. If you will not pay us, we will post your profile on our instagram page!

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